Panels and Presentations

Mental Health Representation in Games – MAGFest MAGES 2019

Representing Mental Health in Games – Meaningful Play 2018

CUNY Games Conference Presentation of Ellie Beagle: Therapy Dog (CUNY Games Conference 2018)

VR and Empathy, a Process for Intentional Design (Boston Festival of Indie Games 2018)

Engineered Collisions Between Games and News (SXSW March 2017)

Eastern Psychological Association Symposium on Game Design (Eastern Psychological Association March 2017)

MoComCon Gaming Panel (Montgomery County Public Library January 2017)

What Does Game Design Tell Us About Mental Illness? (PAX East 2016)

The Year in Psychology and Video Games (PAX East 2015 audio; slides here.)

Community Management at the Intersection of News and Games (GDC 2016) **

Giving Through Gaming – How Video Games Are Making the World A Better Place (PAX 2014)

Psychology, Society, and Games (American University 2014; RTX 2015)

Video Games and Mental Health – Science vs Stigma (PAX East 2013, RTX 2013)

From Pong to  Peggle: The Evolution of Video Games and Psychology (RTX 2014)

** Awarded  “Top 50 Ranked GDC Speakers”