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The Year in Psychology and Gaming (PAX East 2016 Panel Audio)

In addition to my panel “What Game Design Tells Us About Mental Illness,” I was on a panel with my PsychTech co-host JosuĂ© Cardona. We captured the audio from the panel and released it as this week’s PsychTech podcast episode. We also captured video, for the full Kelli-JosuĂ© experience, which will be posted at a […]

Twitch Live Stream: PAX East 2016 Panel “What Does Game Design Tell Us About Mental Illness”

Last Friday I had the honor of presenting my latest research on game design and mental health at PAX East. It was a packed house despite the early hour and there were some fantastic questions from the audience. The panel was recorded and I will be posting it you YouTube soon. But wait, there’s more! […]