The consumer market for memory is enormous. Analog and digital planners to jot down upcoming commitments, push notifications from social media sites to remind you of what’s going on, entire companies trying to sell you drugs to enhance your memory, and, of course, writing something down on your hand that smudges and you’re forced to decipher it several hours later.

But what if you could remember everything? What if you could recall every moment in precise detail, even the things you weren’t paying attention to? Some people *cough* Josué *cough* are ready to donate their bodies to science while others, like myself, believe it can be important to forget.

This week on PsychTech, we review Black Mirror #3 – The Entire History of You – and reflect on how perfect memory would change us and the world, as well as the current state of technological attempts at bolstering memory.

Episode 6: Black Mirror 1.3 – The Entire History of You

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