It has been a crazy few weeks.

PsychTech, the podcast I launched with friend and fellow techy mental health geek Josué Cardona, has started to take off. We’ve been ranked highly on New and Noteworthy and getting solid feedback from fans and peers. The latest episode is about memory, although we just recorded an episode about transportation which might be my favorite so far. That episode will be out in 2 weeks.


I’ve also just returned from a week in Seattle at Microsoft. Although I can’t tell specifics, I can say I had amazing time and got my tech itch scratched.

Next weekend I will be speaking at PAX East in Boston along with colleagues Patrick O’Connor, Sean Knuth, and my podcast parter Josué . The panel is titled Games Are Good For You and is scheduled for 6:30pm on Saturday, March 7.

And last but not least, Polygon crafted a lovely piece on a video game which facilitates conversations about intimacy and consent.
What video games can teach us about consent and intimacy.

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