If you are a fan of comics and psychology, you probably are already be following @ArkhamAsylumDoc on Twitter. If not, hit Command T (or Control T for your PC users) on the link and go follow her right now.

Behind the Twitter handle mask is clinical psychologist Andrea Letamendi. She runs the site Under The Mask Online, a website dedicated to diving into the psychology of fictional heroes, villains, and the fans that love them. One of my favorite features on the site is The Arkham Sessions, a podcast psychologically analyzing the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series.

I stumbled upon a podcast recorded earlier this year where Dr. Letamendi was interviewed on the Vodka o’ Clock podcast by Amber Unmasked about personal identity in comics and geek culture. This was a great interview and podcast and I can’t recommend it enough. Just as a warning though, the topics covered may be inappropriate for younger listeners and the interview does come with trigger warning due topics relating to trauma.

You can listen to this fantastic interview here, or on iTunes (episode 34).

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