Mark Kline, co-founder of posted a wonderful article earlier this week, When Gaming Isn’t Fun, which provides 9 tips for managing situations where a game may go from being enjoyable, to something too intense. is a non-profit charity dedicated to promoting mental wellness and debunking the stigma of mental illness. The name is a reference to a memorable line in the original Nintendo game Legend of Zelda. You can find TakeThis and the TakeThis volunteers at large conventions such as PAX in the AFK (away from keyboard) rooms – spaces where attendees can get away from the convention crowds, take a breath, and relax, as well as get information on mental health and ask questions of the clinicians who staff the room.

More than a quiet space, the Take This AFK Room is a help center for people who need it, staffed full time with Take This volunteers and Take This certified mental health care clinicians, trained in “emotional first aid,” ready to help attendees regain their calm and get back to the show.

You can follow them on Twitter @TakeThisOrg, and you can find out about volunteer opportunities here. 

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